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My latest ebook, TE Traffic Storm, was completed earlier this week and as of today it is being actively promoted on the traffic exchanges and safelists.

TE Traffic Storm is based on my own experience after having used traffic exchanges for several years. When I was a “newbie” affiliate marketer I found traffic exchanges offered a quick, easy and fun way for me to get traffic to my affiliate and biz op pages.

The only problem was that nobody ever seemed to sign up to the programs I was offering on my generic biz op pages. After wasting countless hours clicking for credits, only to see those credits go down the drain with zero results, I was ready to write off traffic exchanges as a waste of time for everybody except the TE owners…

That, however, would’ve been a BIG mistake.

Traffic Exchange Passion: Learning From The Owners

What I noticed was how passionate a lot of the TE owners were about their services. I started reading the blogs of industry leaders such as Jon Olson and Tim Linden, and began to see where I was going wrong.

1. For a start, I was promoting the same old generic and impersonal biz op sign up pages as every other inexperienced – or just plain lazy – marketer out there. :(

2. Another thing I was doing wrong was remaining anonymous, i.e. I wasn’t “branding myself” on the traffic exchanges. Basically, that means the pages I was promoting on the exchanges said nothing about who I was and what MY business was. :(

3. The third mistake was that I was NOT making and using my own “splash pages”. :(

A splash page should capture attention & arouse curiosity. Here’s the one I use on the TEs to promote TE Traffic Storm.

A splash page is a very basic web page that has a simple, but compelling message, and a free incentive (such as an ebook or report) to encourage the TE surfer either to click through to a squeeze page or to join your list right there on the splash page in order to receive the freebie.

Things Slowly Begin To Improve…

I began to experiment with more personal squeeze pages and began to see some results. I mean, people were actually beginning to respond to my offers. Not at first, but after a series of trials and errors over a period of about 18 months.

The Missing Links To Real TE Success!

Even so, there was still a couple of missing ingredients in the Traffic Exchange formula. Once I’d worked out what they were I began to see much better results. The key is in the subtitle of TE Traffic Storm:

How To Set The Traffic Exchanges On Fire By Giving People What They Really Want!

What people really want on the traffic exchanges is most likely NOT the thing you are trying to offer them… Once you “get” that, and have worked out both “WHAT” to offer and “HOW” to offer it you will be on your way to setting up your own TE Traffic Storm.

The result?

Well, if you persistently practise the method that I have worked out and which I explain in TE Traffic Storm you’ll have an excellent chance to start generating income “on the front end” of your business while you grow your main business “on the back end”.

Does that make sense?

TE Traffic Storm sells for $7.00 here – but readers of my blog can download a free copy from this page for the time being… :)

David Hurley

P. S. If you like TE Traffic Storm, but don’t know where to start in setting up a “Traffic Storm” of your own on the exchanges, you might like to go the easy route and use a rebranded version of  TE Traffic Storm campaign package which I will set up for you. Check the TE Traffic Storm Rebranding Page for full details.

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David, you are one of a kind, no one on the internet would ever do as much as you do to help someone, you go way out of your way to help some one, Please don’t stop.

The internet folks like myself need people like you.

Thanking you

Ron Jackson
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