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The rules of effective SEO are constantly changing. Search engines strive to provide quality search results to maintain or expand their share of the market. This makes developing a solid long-term SEO strategy almost impossible.

Fortunately, there are a… Continue reading

An effective search engine optimization strategy for small business websites is quite different from the strategy used by Fortune 500 websites. Most small businesses only have a limited amount of resources, so it is imperative to allocate them efficiently.… Continue reading

Pre-Internet Optimization Myth: Unicorns are best tamed by virgins.

There are several questions about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which attract a lot of debate. While many of the issues raised are of genuine concern for Internet marketers, there are… Continue reading

D o w n into the Penguin Vortex…

With every major Google algorithm update there is something positive that you can learn.

Unfortunately, a majority of SEO strategies tend to be reactive. This means that they do what works… Continue reading

One of the biggest problems that you can face when creating your website content is making it appealing to your readers while paying attention to Search Engine Optimization. Optimization can be very tricky and striking a balance between your… Continue reading


David was one of the first Internet Marketers I got to recognize and know when I first started marketing online. The reason I noticed and remembered him back then was because I was seeing him at several forum sites that I participated in and every forum post he made was to offer information or advice to other aspiring marketers. His depth of knowledge and willingness to dig deeper for answers for the benefit of other forum members impressed me incredibly.

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