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The very first version of GTN was launched in April 2007 as an HTML site promoting the Plug-In Profit Site. It looked exactly the same as all the other PIPs sites. Over the… Continue reading

Haven't posted anything for a while on as I have been busy setting up  my latest web project which launched on Friday 6th June, "D-Day"... Here is a brief video introduction by Yours Truly... brings together everything that I have been developing as an online marketer over the last few years. It is three things... Continue reading

getimgI just received a “heads up” from Rina Baxter, owner of the dynamic viral mailer safelist, GoldenChestMailer. Rina has moved the mailer to a new host and is offering some FREE credits to thank everybody for their patience.… Continue reading

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This is a quickie to let you know that Timtech is offering a LIFETIME deal on their highly rated and fast-growing Viral List Builder, Listnerds… but you need to ACT NOW to take advantage…

>>> OFFER… Continue reading

Over the last couple of years I have gradually built up a portfolio of lifetime memberships in a number of traffic exchanges, safelists and other Internet-marketing-related programs. This gives me a massive amount of credits to play with… Continue reading


David was one of the first Internet Marketers I got to recognize and know when I first started marketing online. The reason I noticed and remembered him back then was because I was seeing him at several forum sites that I participated in and every forum post he made was to offer information or advice to other aspiring marketers. His depth of knowledge and willingness to dig deeper for answers for the benefit of other forum members impressed me incredibly.

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