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Monthly Archives: February 2012

  Zaapza is a neat new tool to help you get the word out about your free ebook on Facebook and Twitter.

The idea behind it is that people will be more willing to download a free ebook… Continue reading

My latest ebook, TE Traffic Storm, was completed earlier this week and as of today it is being actively promoted on the traffic exchanges and safelists.

TE Traffic Storm is based on my own experience after having used… Continue reading

I completed my latest SFI project a couple of days ago. It’s an SFI affiliate website for Ron Jackson who I’ve been working with for a month or so now to help him promote SFI on the Internet.

Ron… Continue reading

Every Internet marketer is constantly searching for quick and easy ways to get their ads seen and the Adzly website offers a quick and easy, free (or low cost) advertising solution.

The Adzly Widget

Adzly is an online advertising… Continue reading

If you are running your own online home business, marketing mistakes can wipe out your profits or send your business spiralling into the red. Yes, the most common marketing mistakes can actually be easily avoided if you are aware… Continue reading


David, you are one of a kind, no one on the internet would ever do as much as you do to help someone, you go way out of your way to help some one, Please don’t stop.

The internet folks like myself need people like you.

Thanking you

Ron Jackson
David Hurley Run Hosting